Blog Collecting Cat Coins? -It's Possible

Collecting Cat Coins? -It's Possible


Collecting Cat Coins? -It's Possible

I have a hobby of collecting silver coins. My interest started when I thought the economy was going to tank. and since then I have learned more and more abut coin collecting. I started with a membership to 7Kmetals, where I am reminded to order a coin of my choosing every month, that truly helped me get started. The coins were set to auto-ship. It started off with 1 ounce animal coins, then went onto American Silver Eagles and Canadian maple Leafs, but recently I found CAT COINS! 

Each company seems to have a different selection.

fiji cat coin 1

From Jm Bouillon 

We were able to get our health insurance from 7K Metals which was half the price of our other premium plans in Massachusetts - so that's been a big help. I also can share my website with other who would either like to join 7K metals on my team, or just oder random coins that they have available. My website is for anyone interested in getting started.

Here are some coins I have found that are feline related. I will post where I found them.

I am definitely finding my Purr View if you will within the cat coin collection, and wanted to share a few with you. 

From JM Bouillon.

They are absolutely the cutest things. and most of them are 1 OZ coins at .9999 purity. Check out the ones from Fiji! I want to collect them all. They range in price from about $34-$37 depending on the quality you purchase and you can purchase as little as one single coin. The Komsco Silver is about $40 or so

fiji cat coin 2

cat coin

The Komsco Silver is about $40 or so

fiji cat coin 3

tiger cat coins

fiji cat coin my favorite

Now Form 7 K Metals 

cat Mandela cat coin

The Mandala Cat is about $189

lion coin

Growing Up Lions is about $379

foreign tiger coin

Korean Tiger is about $129 

Keep in mind prices fluctuate daily on whatever the Silver Ask is, and also if you are a member of 7K metals you receive a small discount on your orders. 

I hope this gets you excited about the coin collections you could have... If you are interested in joining 7K Metals check out my website for more details: I am associated with 7K Metals because I am a member and an Associate. 

You can view JM Bouillon at I an not associated with them I am just a customer. 

Do you have any cat coins? Let me know in comments if you would try collecting coins if you could start with cats! 

-Purrs, Tonia 

Kingston, MA·Updated Sat, October 28Feline Aficionada Tonia Fleming


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