Purr View Group Mentoring

I bring together cat care professionals to expand their business in cat care, so that we can learn what cat parents really want (the purr view), improve our brand identity (so we stand out to cat parents), inspire the creation of effective marketing strategizes (campaigns that reach our target client) and support and encourage each other in purrsuing our passion for working with cats!

Included in your membership is the Purr View Quick Start Guide.  Explore the 7 pillars of the Purr View Perspective and find out why they matter to cat parents and ways you can apply them to your business today! 

In addition join me once a month for a group coaching video or chat, where you can submit questions and get feedback on your unique situation.

This is a time-released program. I want you to take your time on each module. Programs open up every 6 days, This isn't suppose to be a quick class this is more of a consulting training program meant to build relationships with other members and be a place to help you with your business. 

 Services that NEED cat professionals 

  • Cat Sitters 
  • Cat Boarding 
  • Cat Groomers
  • Cat Supplies and Retail 

In this module we will share the four main areas that need cat professionals right now. We will explore the industry statistics and show you how you can search this information in your area. We will talk about what each type of services provides and what a day in the life would look like. 

Module 3 - Personalities and Psychographics of Cat Parents 

This is one of the most important lessons. You're going to learn more about cat parents than you've ever thought possible. You will learn about their expectations for each service, and how to exceed them to bring peace of mind while elevating your business reputation and deliverability! Firs you will learn the four personality types then you will learn about how this looks in a cat parent, then you ll learn how it affects the customer service and expectations for your business. Understanding this is what directs all of your product and service offerings, your branding and your marketing efforts. 

Module 4 - Improve Your Branding to stand out Cat Parents 

This program will share the concept of brand identity, how it makes your target client feel about your business and how colors, words and other elements affect your success. You could be an awesome cat sitter but if your website docent connect with true cat parents you won't have people calling you. If you're willing to make a few changes to reach your audience you will find things start to fall into place pretty quickly. The most important marketing effort should  be first understanding your client and secondly you understanding your brand. And if you start to get overwhelmed you can jump into a monthly online meeting or hire me for a private consult. I'd love to help you!

Private Monthly Coaching Workshops 

Discounted rates on private consulting and directory listing

Why Learn With me?

I have over 27 years experience caring for cats and a passion for bringing more people into the industry. I have been the owner of a cat boarding business with retail store, a cat groomer and a cat sitter since 1997. In addition, I have a degree in Animal Care from Becker College and a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Public Relations from Emerson College.  In this program you will learn how to market your business and find support from someone who understands each of these services. 

You're Not Alone 

Sometimes, you just need a little help figuring out how to over come an obstacle, or rebrand yourself. 

7 Spaces + Community

Cat Providers Chat


Agenda for Next meetings, office hours and more

Services that NEED Cat Professionals

Personalities and Psychographics of Cat Parents 

Module 4 - Improve Your Branding to stand out Cat Parents 

Module 5 - Marketing Strategy and Calendar Dates 

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