National Cat Groomers Institue Online Conference 2024

Professionals looking into sharpening their cat grooming skills will really enjoy this online conference coming up.

Pine Woods Animal Hospital 5K Sunday, June 9, 2024 at 9:00 am

This looks like fun. There's a new veterinary practice opening in Duxbury, Pine Woods Animal Hospital and they will be offering services for cats. This is a fun soft launch event and is also a benefit to help raise awareness and funds for Vest-A-Dog, a worthy cause.

Friends of The Plymouth Pound Annual Golf Tournament June 8th 2024

Friends of The Plymouth Pound Annual Golf Tournament on Satruday June 8th at 8:30 Contact Gayle Fitzpatrick to Sign up or to donate by texting 774-454-4636.

A Schoolie Bus With Ameneties for the Cat!

Watch This Schoolie bus tour that has purrfect features for the cat!

Cat Trivia Night - Meow 2023 Replay

Watch The Cat trivia Night that premiered in September in the Cat Community.

National Respect Your Cat Day March 28th 2024

I stumbled upon this fun national day that is coming up at the end or march. It's a day to celebrate the bond you have with your best feline friend.  Here is a link to more details, and it has a cool calendar called RESPECT YOUR CAT DAY TIMELINE. #events

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Visiting Garden Center Feb 2024

Visiting Garden Center and Cats Miss kitty sleeping nezt to cat statues lol I like stopping in at Kennedys Garden Center when Im in the area. Its where i purchase my favorite plant this time of year, the Jasmine. (jasminium) You can so find them sometimes at Trader Joes.  Today I wanted to go home with a spider plant. They had some root bound for 50% off. Spider plants are safe for cats meaning they are on the list as non-toxic but the ladies at Kennedys said that they can have a ...

Join me Today in the Studio 2/16 @1:15

Join me later today at 1::15 PM where I will be interviewing a mystery guest on her houseplants and cats in The Studio Online: #tv

Purr View Studio App

Join the cat community and Purr View Studio where I record my videos.

Nor'Easter Weather Report 2/24

Check out my Nor'Easter weather report from this morning!

Harvest Seed & Supply Feeding Backyard Birds

What is a brand of bird food that you like feeding to yiur backyard birds? I have enjoyed using Harvest Seed

Let's Get Growing A Cat Safe Indoor Garden

New Series starting in The Cat Community. Visit each month to learn about a cat safe plant or flowering plant that is a good addition to any cat home

End of The Year Charity Donations

Please post your favorite charity in the comments section.

My Favorite Cat Products: Alnutrin (For Homemade Cat Food)

Alnutrin is a supplement that you add to your homemade cat food.

My favorite Cat Products: The Chris Christensen Cat Comb

I thought I had completely lost my mind when I ordered it online at a $60 retail cost, but when I received it in the mail I was BLOWN AWAY.

My favorite Cat Products: The Safari Cat Shedding Comb

This is the other cat comb that I use. It has been a good too for brushing long haired and matted cats, it works great on the main body, the ruff and under the tail, the tail and the legs and belly.

What's Your Purr-sonality Type

Do you know your personality type?  If so, then do you know how it relates to you as a cat parent? 

The Cat Age Calculator

Calculate Your Cats Age

How to Purr and Its Comforting Benefits

Learn how to make the purring sound and comfort your cat. This technique helps you care for your cat, bond deeper and you'' learn how to comfort you and your cat.

Collecting Cat Coins? -It's Possible

Start a cat coin collection and check out these fun coins.


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